Akselos to partner with World Energy Council as Innovation Supporter


The partnership between Predictive Digital Twin pioneer, Akselos, and the World Energy Council (the Council), will see the two organisations work together to advance energy sustainability through research, knowledge sharing and high-level engagement in the energy sector.

Established in 1923, the Council is the UN-accredited global energy network that informs global, national and regional energy strategy and policy through working with its extensive member network of 3000 organisations across 90 counties. The Council’s raison d’être is to promote an affordable, stable and environmentally sensitive energy system for the benefit of all.

Commenting on the partnership, Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council said: “We’re in the midst of an unstoppable digital revolution which is having a transformational impact on the way we use and produce energy. The World Energy Council is constantly strengthening its tools and insights to support a smooth energy transition and learning from leading innovators is critical to deepen our understanding on how new business models and technologies can shape our energy future. We look forward to working closely with Akselos over the coming years as we tackle the issue of secure, affordable and sustainable energy for all.”

Akselos was named as a top innovator in the energy transition in 2018 by Council and the German Energy Agency (dena), in an initiative to identify the leading 100 young companies and new projects contributing to the energy transition.

Thomas Leurent, CEO of Akselos, said: “I firmly believe that progress in digital technology has, and will continue to accelerate the energy transition in a way that will surpass all current expectations. The World Energy Council has a crucial role in leading this dialogue, and in supporting a global transition to low carbon sources. The technology we are both developing and deploying, will help realize the energy transition through optimal design and maintenance of megascale infrastructure. We hope to bring valuable insights to the partnership that will reinforce the Council’s crucial work.