World’s Largest Structural Digital Twin: Akselos’ successful deployment for Shell’s Bonga Main FPSO


Our structural Digital Twin technology was applied to the Shell Bonga FPSO, becoming the LARGEST ASSET IN THE WORLD TO BE PROTECTED BY A STRUCTURAL DIGITAL TWIN.

With near real-time analysis, the physics-based model of the asset allows Shell and Akselos to monitor the overall health of the asset, reduce down time and boost efficiencies, all while enabling safe asset life extension.

Elohor Aiboni, Asset Manager for Bonga, said “The Bonga Main FPSO heralded a number of innovative ‘firsts’ when it was built back in 2004, so it’s fitting that it’s the first asset of its kind to deploy something as advanced as a structural Digital Twin. We are very excited about the new capabilities that Akselos brings and believe it will create a positive impact on the way we manage structural integrity. It is also a great example of digitalisation coming to life.”

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Akselos deploys Digital Twin of Shell’s Bonga FPSO