Release Notes – Akselos Modeler 2023

Version 2023.05, June 2023


This update focuses on performance improvement for multiple time-step models, such as Floating Wind, by reducing the required processing time and memory. Users can now configure loads, boundary conditions and parameters for RB-FEA components using the new Component Editor.

New Features & Enhancements


Akselos Modeler Version 2023.05 introduces these user-focused features:






Component Editor: Several features to configure RB-FEA Component within Akselos Modeler are added, including load operator creation, parameter creation, etc.

Solver: Enabling multiple Training Configurations for the same physics: Users can create different training data sets during the pre-processing step and use them in solving.

Solver: Expanding the “Single Response” feature to other asset types to improve processing performance.

Solver: Hybrid simulations with multiple steps can now be saved and restarted. This is an essential feature for computationally intensive time-dependent and/or nonlinear problems since it enables long-running simulations to be saved and restarted later.

Akselos Modeler: The beam system can be imported using a skeleton from a STEP file and metadata of material/cross-section from CSV files.

Bug Fixes & Improvements


Akselos Modeler Version 2023.05 contains the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Solver: RB-FEA Solver Performance Improvement for multiple time step models, especially for Floating Wind asset’s use cases. Both processing time and memory usage are reduced.
  • Backend: Resolve the importing collection issue from all cloud servers.
  • Akselos Modeler: Graphical improvements on component-related actions on Graphic Window such as drag and drop, moving, rotating, etc.
  • Akselos Modeler: 3D Joint Creation plugin can handle more use cases.

Known Issues & Limitations

Visit our website to learn about all known software issues and limitations.


How to Upgrade (for Innovate Users)

Easily upgrade your Akselos Modeler by following these steps:

  • Download the latest version of Akselos Modeler from the Download Modeler link on, which takes you here.
  • Installation instructions for Akselos Modeler are on the same page; see here.

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