Release Notes – Akselos Modeler 2023

Version 2023.04, April 2023

New Features & Enhancements


Akselos Modeler Version 2023.04 introduces these user-focused features:


Akselos Modeler


User Interface

Standards-Based Assessments


Akselos Modeler

Our upgraded Modeler software now includes enhanced visualization capabilities based on a property evaluation engine, allowing you to easily view all relevant model properties (loading/material/temperature etc.)


Finite Element (FE) simulations with multiple steps can now be saved and restarted. This is an essential feature for computationally intensive time-dependent and/or nonlinear problems since it enables long-running simulations to be saved and restarted later.


We now offer pushover analysis for offshore jacket structures, determining the maximum structural capacity (base shear) under given lateral loads and including geometric nonlinearity, plasticity, arc-length continuation and joint flexibility.

High Opex and Downtime

Creep analysis is now available for the simulation of time-dependent material degradation phenomenon, including support for the two most widely used creep laws:

  • Norton Bailey model
  • Omega MPC model (API-579/ASME FFS-1)

Both FE and Hybrid (coupled linearity and nonlinearity) solvers are supported. The hybrid solver can handle creep analysis for large-scale structures (e.g. Steam Methane Reformer – SMR) with less processing time and memory than the conventional FE solver.

Limited availability of skilled personnel to perform inspections and maintenance

Numerous new features for fast and efficient structural analysis for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (FOWT) using RB-FEA. Enables import of load data from hydrodynamic analysis software and runs 30,000+ time steps of high fidelity structural analysis with orders of magnitude acceleration compared to FEA.

User Interface

We’ve developed new configuration tools for offshore jacket structures (beam structures in general) to help you set up analyses more efficiently, including:

  • Spectral fatigue configuration tool – configure models for spectral fatigue analysis
  • Deterministic fatigue configuration tool – configure models for deterministic fatigue analysis, especially for jacket wind foundation with tower base point load.
  • Pile-soil interaction – enter soil stiffness parameters and generate a nonlinear pile system.

User Interface

We’ve also created new model report tools for offshore jacket structures (beam structures in general) to help you verify your simulation models, including:

  • Model report (geometry, cross-section, material, beam release, etc.)
  • Weight report
  • Load and load combination report
  • Hydrodynamic coefficient report (drag/inertia coefficients)

Limited availability of skilled personnel to perform inspections and maintenance

Users can now request deterministic and spectral fatigue analysis for offshore jacket structure directly from Akselos Modeler, supported for beam/shell/solid elements. Its solution is interactive, selectable to display stress RAO, etc. Stress calculation follows DNV-RP-C203 (2016).

Primary Industry Application



Jacket Structures

Downstream and Process

Floating Wind

Jacket Structures

Offshore Jackets

Offshore Jackets

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Coker_model_disX with border

Akselos Modeler Version 2023.04 contains the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Shear force and bending moment diagrams on beam elements have been updated to capture force/moment jumps in the interior of the beams. This increases the accuracy of utilization factors (UF) computed in beam code checks.
  • Pile-soil linearization is improved and can provide stiffness matrices at pile heads that offer a similar structural response to nonlinear piles.

Known Issues & Limitations

Visit our website to learn about all known software issues and limitations.


How to Upgrade (for Innovate Users)

Easily upgrade your Akselos Modeler by following these steps:

  • Download the latest version of Akselos Modeler from the Download Modeler link on, which takes you here.
  • Installation instructions for Akselos Modeler are on the same page; see here.


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