Akselos x WEF: achieving better outcomes with technology and systems thinking


The World Economic Forum asked Akselos CEO & WEF Technology Pioneer Thomas Leurent to contribute insights to the Infrastructure 4.0 initiative, based on Akselos’ deployment of real-time predictive digital twins for some of the world’s most critical infrastructure.

The Infrastructure 4.0 community, formed to encourage a more holistic, outcome-focused framing for infrastructure, brings together  leaders from across the world who share a vision in creating a more efficient and mutually beneficial planet. The community formulated 13 recommendations aimed at decision-makers who seek to improve the adoption of emerging technologies into infrastructure development.

Thomas Leurent said: “For years now, the World Economic Forum has been at the cutting edge of the 4th Industrial Revolution and of the Energy Transition. Infrastructure 4.0 is one of the linchpin initiatives as a result, and Akselos has incredibly detailed insights of what the intersection of those two mega trends look like from a technology perspective. We’ve deployed our solutions to protect some of the world’s very largest and most critical assets, and we can help accelerate the energy transition with our technology in sectors like Offshore Wind.

“At Akselos, we’re passionate about the merits of using enabling technologies to advance and enhance the world’s critical infrastructure.

“We hope that these recommendations, ranging from high-level strategies to tactical steps, can improve the way that the built environment, humans and nature co-exist.”

You can read the white paper HERE