Akselos and BEPA to advance delivery of global wind energy technology with new partnership


Akselos has today (19 May) announced a partnership with engineering consultancy BEPA A/S. The partnership will see the two organisations work together to apply Akselos’ patented. Reduced Basis Finite Element Analysis (RB-FEA) technology to advance wind turbine design and operations.

Akselos’ RB-FEA technology is the product of 10 years of research at MIT, and speeds up FEA simulations by 1,000x at system level scale. Akselos have already put this to use, having been awarded an ARPA-E grant to develop a structural digital twin for the Wind Float Atlantic floating wind project.

John Grevsen, Partner and Founder at BEPA, with over 20 years experience developing wind turbine technology said “RB-FEA is a potential revolutionary technology that will be a gamechanger for how we design and operate wind farms”.

The partnership begins with two highly-focused events focusing on how industry can work to use RB-FEA to best design and operate wind technology across the world.

On 24 June, Dylan Mitchell, Sales Director for Wind at Akselos and David Knezevic, CTO and Co-Founder of Akselos will be joined by John Grevsen, Partner at BEPA, and Michael Stephenson, Associate Director at The Renewables Consulting Group (RCG), to host both an ONLINE and offline session.

These sessions will explore Akselos’ technology and its ability to enhance wind asset designs and performance, with participants getting the chance to see a demonstration of the product in action. Akselos and BEPA will be joined by The Renewables Consulting Group (RCG), to discuss market trends for the wind industry and findings from their recent research. Akselos and RCG’s innovation and offshore wind development experts have been working together to define the market potential for RB-FEA. Going forward, Akselos and RCG will continue to collaborate to help maximise the impact of RB-FEA on the offshore wind sector.


The offline event will bring experts in the wind industry together in Aarhus for the chance to network, find out more about the technology and discuss opportunities moving forward.

Dylan Mitchell, Sales Director for Wind said: “RB-FEA is a proven technology, reducing CAPEX by 30% in complex offshore structures, as well as protecting billions of dollars of assets with our structural digital twins. If we can do the same in wind, we can play a key role in accelerating the
energy transition and meeting ambitious renewables targets across the world.

Partnering with BEPA gives Akselos the opportunity to work with an experienced and ambitious team to best understand how RB-FEA can best be applied to realise this huge potential.

We hope that those interested in wind energy are able to join us on 24 June for what promises to be an interesting event.”

Find out more about the event and sign up below.