15 years in the making at MIT, the world’s fastest and most advanced engineering simulation technology underpins our products.


Our technology is based on an algorithm called Reduced-Basis Finite Element Analysis – RB-FEA. It’s 1000 times faster than conventional simulation technology, and that speed enables unprecedented power.

Scale and Speed

The Digital Guardian is based on a newly developed algorithm that’s 1000 times faster than legacy technology. It changes the process of structural assessment to allow for real-time, continuous monitoring of large assets – something that has never been done before

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Parametric Components

Akselos works on the basis on parametric components - structurally significant building blocks, which are pre-solved to contain only valid solutions.

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Cloud Platform

The Akselos Cloud platform delivers a complete Digital Twin framework via the cloud - accessible from anywhere and at any time. It provides an end-to-end solution covering automated updates of asset loads and condition, through to clear dashboards showing current asset integrity.

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Hybrid Advanced Physics

Akselos has developed a unique hybrid solver that provides a tight coupling between conventional FEA and RB-FEA. This means that we can use RB-FEA in linear regions, and conventional FEA in nonlinear regions.

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Sensor Integration

Our technology is the only structural analysis tool that’s fast enough to integrate sensor data. The Akselos Digital Guardian is a sensor connected model that is re-calibrated based on sensor data, then re-analyzed to generate a status check of the asset.

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