• A description of a North American refinery operator’s challenges in managing reactor start-up and shutdown, primarily due to outdated methods.
  • The solution provided by Akselos, involving the use of advanced engineering simulation software to create a structural digital twin of the reactor.
  • How the digital twin utilizes temperature/pressure sensor data and historical performance data to perform stress and fatigue analysis.
  • This analysis’s presentation through two dashboards, enabling operators to gain insights into stress levels at various critical parts of the reactor and monitor the effects of daily operations on asset integrity.
  • The potential benefits of integrating the digital twin with plant operating systems, with a view towards future automation.
  • The innovative approach by Akselos to prolong the life of the reactor by providing real-time updates on the vessel’s state.


This document provides an insightful case study on how Akselos helped a North American refinery operator address reactor start-up and shutdown challenges through its engineering simulation software. The outdated approach of using old Minimum Pressurization Curves and temperature ramps was replaced with a structural digital twin of the reactor. This digital twin harnessed sensor and historical data for a thorough stress and fatigue analysis.

This innovative solution reduced reactor downtime by over 25%, enabling additional plant uptime. The digital twin provided in-depth insights into the reactor’s fatigue life, empowering operators to schedule timely repair and maintenance activities. The long-term plan is to integrate the digital twin with the plant’s operating systems for automated, efficient start-ups without risking any damage. Additionally, the application of this technology has the potential to extend the lifespan of the hydrotreater by continually assessing the vessel’s state and providing alerts for potential damage. Thus, Akselos’ innovative solution enables more informed decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency and asset integrity.