Today, CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) is becoming increasingly important as a method to optimize, diversify and sophisticate the product design, which directly leads to the improvement of product development capability.
In order to achieve higher accuracy, analysis models are expected to become even much larger and detailed than today. CAD/CAM/CAE databases will bring together the synergy of engineers, creating new technologies and values across the boundaries of businesses such as design, analysis and manufacturing.


TechnoStar aims to develop high-performance, sophisticated and user friendly CAE software by bringing together the most talented Asian minds, and to be a leading CAE company that provides high-quality solutions that contribute to the product development capabilities of our customers.


  • Engineering services 
  • Customization services
  • FEM model 
  • Contract analysis 
  • Reverse engineering 
  • Technical consulting

Partnership between Akselos and TechnoStar:


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