Scale and Speed


Akselos’ RB-FEA technology is a state-of-the-art reduced order modelling approach developed at MIT. It enables fully detailed holistic models of critical assets. Due to the component-based model reduction it uses, RB-FEA also enables consideration of much larger models than FEA; 100 million degrees of freedom or more can be handled efficiently. Holistic Akselos models remove the need for multilevel modelling typical of conventional methods, which facilitates a more streamlined approach to the calculation of structural integrity.

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RB-FEA is 1000 times faster than conventional FEA. This facilitates the construction of highly detailed, holistic models. It allows a faster, more accurate approach to calculating structural integrity. It also offers the ability to consider both the current (as is) and future (as could be) conditions of the asset. Speed allows multiple scenarios to be considered as 1000 different versions of the model can be run all in parallel.  

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Akselos models allow for unrivalled detail and accuracy. They enable condition data (including cracks, corrosion and damage) to be incorporated within a holistic, entire asset digital twin. Accuracy is guaranteed based on a posteriori accuracy indicators and automated model enrichment – it’s defined up front.  

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Scale and Speed

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