Parametric Components

Parametric Components

Akselos works on the basis on parametric components – structurally significant building blocks, which are pre-solved to contain only valid solutions. This is key to our performance, and represents a totally new approach to structural analysis. This means the model can be rapidly changed and resolved to reflect current or future conditions.


Models built using conventional simulation technology cannot be adapted to reflect current or future conditions, instead, they need to be rebuilt and re-solved to calculate a new solution based on inspection data. With Akselos, variation is built into the model from the beginning.  


Akselos model components contain parameters that define properties including material, geometry and loads, which can be quickly and easily modified. The Akselos model can be re-solved rapidly to enable fast analysis of multiple scenarios, including fatigue analysis with thousands of load cases, statistical analysis (Monte Carlo sampling) to quantify uncertainty, or optimization to improve designs.

Accelerating structural simulation with Akselos RB-FEA workflow

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