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A major limitation of the component-based formulations of legacy technology is that they are inherently restricted to linear analysis since the elimination of component interior degrees of freedom relies on linearity of the PDE. To resolve this issue, Akselos has developed a unique hybrid solver that provides a tight coupling between conventional FEA and RB-FEA. This means that we can use RB-FEA in linear regions, and conventional FEA in nonlinear regions.

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Localized nonlinearities

In cases where a model contains localized nonlinearities (which is common in practice, e.g. for localized failure analysis, or localized contact), this provides significant speedup compared to solving the entire model with FEA. Using this approach Akselos provides accelerated analysis for the full range of nonlinearities that can be modelled with FEA, including contact, friction, plasticity, and finite strain elasticity.

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