Akselos’ Digital Guardian is revolutionizing Asset Integrity Management by helping operators augment Risk-Based Inspection strategies with real-time, Condition-Based Monitoring.

Optimize operations and lower OPEX

Our customers are successfully reducing OPEX by combining condition-based monitoring with a more focused inspection strategy to reduce inspection costs. This is achieved by augmenting risk-based inspection (RBI) with accurate, physics-based simulations. With 24/7 eyes on the asset, operators are in a position to make more informed operational decisions and can maximize the value from RBI. 

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Replace over-conservative estimates with accuracy

Conventional simulation technology is not powerful enough for the real-time, condition-based monitoring of entire structures. This means that the understanding of the asset’s condition at that very moment will always be partially sighted. The result is an inaccurate view of risk and overly conservative estimates. The Akselos Digital Guardian is a sensor-enabled, physics-based model that reflects the entire asset’s condition in real time.  It’s 1000 times faster than conventional software, allowing for the fully-detailed analysis of assets of limitless scale, to be performed in minutes.

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Decision Support System

Our cloud-based platform offers instant access to a Decision Support System (DSS) that gives insights into the asset’s ‘as is’ condition. It highlights areas of concern and helps to determine more efficient maintenance and inspection plans. Asset teams can make fully informed decisions based on the data in the DSS, and generate a green light for operations.

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