Optimal design is crucial for complex offshore assets. Akselos enables engineers and designers to reduce the number of physical prototypes needed to arrive at better, more efficient asset designs.  


Bolster your position in the tender process for offshore wind farms by showing that with optimized design you can reduce CAPEX by 25%. By using our software to increase accuracy and avoid over-designing, our customers are enabling evolutionary design and revolutionary results. Akselos provides reduced order modelling which is 1000 times faster than conventional analysis software, and enables many design options to be simulated very efficiently. Fast, parameterized modelling enables the full range of model configurations to be analysed in minutes rather than months

Smart Design and Fabrication webinar co-hosted with Lamprell


Our Digital Feedback Loop allows real world, operational data collected by Akselos’ predictive digital twin, to be used to validate structural integrity and make the design process more efficient. This approach creates better, more sustainable designs. Our research shows that optimised designs using the Digital Feedback Loop could result in 30 per cent lower CAPEX on materials, and 10 percent on design. By introducing this 360 degree loop, both design and operations are continuously optimized.

Achieving high performance wind system engineering

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