Safely extend the life of ageing assets

Ensuring critical infrastructure continues to operate safely is essential to a sustainable future. Doing so relies on engineer’s ability to assess how stress and fatigue is affecting all parts of an asset. Without a comprehensive and accurate understanding of structural capacity, fully functional assets could end up being unnecessarily decommissioned, creating avoidable repair and downtime costs, and long-lasting environmental damage.

With Akselos’ Digital Guardian, which can provide real-time monitoring and a physics-based digital twin of any large asset, operators can continue to run assets for as long as safely possible. The Digital Guardian provides a holistic overview of large assets, giving operators the visibility and insight they need. With near real-time analysis of the health of asset entirety, operators can get maximum value from their assets while maintaining compliance with industry standards.

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn how the Digital Guardian helped a range of operators, including extending the life of a fixed offshore platform by a further twenty years, after legacy technology had forecasted to be at the end of its life.


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