Unlock Efficiency and Maximize Returns

  • The role of industry codes and standards in maintaining the Bonga FPSO and how Shell Nigeria adheres to these requirements
  • The significance of periodic surveys and their impact on the overall cost and efficiency of the Bonga FPSO maintenance process
  • How Akselos Digital Twin technology is utilized to generate comprehensive inspection, strength, and fatigue analysis reports, highlighting the integrity issues faced by the Bonga FPSO
  • The benefits of integrating these insights into Shell’s Risk-based Integrity Management (RBIM) initiative, which aids in saving both time and money
  • Asset life extension strategies employed by the Shell team using the Akselos Digital Twin of the Bonga FPSO, and the potential for extending its future lifespan

Transforming Offshore Operations

Dive into this valuable webinar clip to gain a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge digital twin technology that revolutionizes the maintenance, integrity management, and asset life extension of the Bonga FPSO.