• How Akselos can perform fitness-for-service for an 8 million Degree of Freedom model in 1.07 seconds on different industry standards and codes.
  • The myriad of industry codes and standards that Akselos supports: NORSOK, ISO 19905, ISO 19902, DNVGL, API 579, AISC, etc.
  • The granularity and speed of Akselos Modeler in assessing stress concentration factors and joint checks depending on your requirements.


Akselos provides a complete workflow for code-based checks of floating and fixed offshore structures. In each case we provide implementations of the relevant standards that are familiar to engineers, while leveraging the computational advantages provided by Akselos’s advanced RB-FEA solvers and cloud-based computational platform.

Once an Akselos Digital Twin is configured, a code check can be run with a single button click to automatically generate reporting based on the current state of an asset (incorporating any new inspection or sensor data that is available). The code-check reports then feed into the asset Dashboard, as shown in the document “1. Software Quality Overview”, which shows the current status of each asset based on its Digital Twin.”