Empower Your FPSO Management

  • How Akselos Dashboard, Akselos Digital Twin management web portal, helps engineers and operators update their Digital Twin models with the latest inspection, metocean data and hydrodynamic load cases.
  • How Akselos Dashboard performs asset integrity assessments to discover integrity hotspots with the Find Hotspot tool based on standards from class societies such as DNV RP C203.
  • How Akselos Dashboard automatically generates integrity reports based on the current state of the digital twin, aiding in better risk-based inspection and predictive maintenance.

Unlocking Akselos’ Solutions

Asset operators and engineers are adopting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for their critical infrastructure and assets as they offer opportunities for predictive maintenance, risk-based inspection and asset life extension.

Akselos Dashboard helps engineers and operators access, update and run fatigue analysis on our structural digital twin of their critical infrastructure from the web, allowing continuous visibility on their asset’s integrity health.

Learn how our structural digital twin software interfaces for load data, inspection data, sensor measurements, and standards-based code checks. This enables tracking the current structural integrity status of critical assets, automatically generates reporting on the current status, identifies risks based on “what if” scenarios, and projects forward in time to estimate fatigue life and assess asset life extension options.