Discover the Power of Akselos’ FPSO Performance in our White Paper

  • The benefits of Akselos structural digital twin for the Shell Bonga FPSO, from increased asset integrity to streamlined workflows.
  • How the digital twin helped identify 100 fatigue hotspots from more than 15,000 potential hotspots.
  • How the digital twin incorporates inspection data and physical sensor measurements to form a complete FPSO “digital thread” workflow.
  • How the twin combines operational data feeds, detailed structural analysis based on as-is asset condition and automated structural integrity reporting.

Delve Deeper into our Informative White Paper

This whitepaper, which won the American Society of Civil Engineering award at the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference, presents Akselos’ structural digital twin solution for the Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company’s (SNEPCo) Bonga FPSO.

The 300,000-ton asset, the largest asset to be protected by a digital twin, saw improved asset integrity management and streamlined maintenance and inspection workflows.