Heavy Machinery


Most industries are reliant upon a huge network of heavy machinery to maintain productivity. Machinery that’s expensive to acquire, maintain and repair.

To maximize productivity and uptime, it’s imperative that companies have complete oversight of the condition of all equipment, and complete control over its ability to perform.

Akselos can create exact virtual replicas of any piece of heavy machinery – regardless of size – to allow companies to manage operations more effectively than ever before.

By accessing condition-based models of heavy machinery, operators will move to predictive maintenance, meaning that unplanned downtime is a thing of the past.

Our simulation software can be scaled quickly and easily to create highly-predictive models of an entire plant or fleet.




The high-fidelity modelling provided by Akselos can be used to represent defects in full 3D detail. As a result, Akselos can provide a condition-based model which can be used to assess structures in their current state, as opposed to an idealised pristine state. We tested Akselos's modeling with defects resulting in significant effect on stresses and forces in structures, which shows that it is vital to model defects in detail in order to perform an accurate structural integrity assessment.

Dusan S. - Vizia Mining Solutions, Perth


When modeling offshore oil & gas structures, it's imperative to develop structural simulations that account for all sources of uncertainty (wave and wind conditions, cracks, corrosion, etc.). This calls for new, robust and very fast parametric models.

Claus Marner Myllerup Scientific Director, Production facilities & materials research & design Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU

Akselos did a very challenging project for us in the field of combustion chamber acoustics. [...] they exceeded their promises: with Akselos software we achieved an incredible speed-up of our acoustic FEM calculations, and this enabled us to perform computations that we wouldn't even think of before.

Bruno Schuermans Expert in Gas Turbines Combustor Acoustics at ALSTOM Power

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