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At Akselos, we have a vision of ensuring the world’s critical infrastructures are safe for today and tomorrow by enabling superhuman control of the design and operations process through cutting edge simulation technology.

Our world-class channel partners provide sales, delivery, implementation, training, and support operations to our customers in different industries around the world.

Become a partner

Expand your offerings, grow your customer base, and build recurring revenue with Akselos solutions. Help customers navigate the impact of digital transformation on their organizations and enable world-class business outcomes.

Why partner with Akselos?

  • Help customers differentiate with innovative solutions
  • Create successful business relationships that give customers a win-win
  • Helps you expand your business coverage
  • Akselos can help you broadcast your unique Akselos solutions (as a Technology Partner)
  • Build joint customer success plans, where it makes sense, to help customers achieve better business outcomes such as: regulatory agreement, asset life extension effectiveness, workflow efficiencies OPEX and CAPEX improvements.

What you get

  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Secure recurring revenue
  • Additional portfolio to you customers
  • Access to Akselos marketing, sales, and technical support experts
  • Ongoing trainings and resources for your sales and technical teams

Who do we partner with?


Key representation of Akselos in countries where we do not have footprint. A distributor has an account with Akselos. They have targets & responsibilities of marketing and maintaining Akselos branding.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

A Reseller buys Akselos software, repackages it with additional value, then sells it to End User. A VAR has an account with Akselos. They have targets but they have no responsibilities to market Akselos branding or products

Technology Partner

A Technology Partner develops and delivers proven solutions, leveraging on Akselos platform. Technology Partner has an account with Akselos. They sell their solutions with Akselos embedded within.


An agent leads/introduces Akselos into opportunities, but does not represent Akselos. An Agent does not have an account with Akselos, and is solely on a “commission-based” relationship.

Our Partners

Key Industries

Designed to enable customer outcomes and capabilities. Key industries, but not limited to, include:

Wind Energy

(offshore & onshore)

Offshore Oil & Gas


Aerospace & Defence