Offshore wind webinar in partnership with Lamprell


Join our webinar, Offshore Wind: Smart Design and Fabrication with Digital Twins on Tuesday, 23 June at 1500 BST.

Focused on the optimization of offshore wind design, the webinar is aimed at engineers, project managers and leaders involved in the advancement of the burgeoning wind sector, as well as anyone interested in the digital transformation of engineering design.

The webinar, presented by Akselos’ SVP John Bell, Hani El Kurd, COO of Lamprell, and Dr Sabih Laham, VP of Engineering at Lamprell, will cover:

  • The collaboration between Lamprell and Akselos to use smart design and fabrication to fully optimize the design process of each of the components in a wind turbine
  • How applying digital twins at the design stage will lower LCOE for offshore wind energy to the consumer
  • How the use of constructible designs and digital twins helps achieve reduced CAPEX
  • The results of applying Akselos’ technology to a foundation design project with one of Lamprell’s customers
  • How the use of a structural digital twin can Improve efficiency and reduce downtime by allowing risk-based inspections to take place when turbines are operational.

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