We have some of the world’s best minds on our team

We have a team of exceptionally talented people across three offices internationally; in the USA, Switzerland, and Vietnam.

Our team of scientists and engineers are among some of the best in the world and are connected with the most advanced research centers on the planet.


Error Phuong Huynh is Head of Operations and Research in South East Asia and is an accomplished and award-winning engineer. He leads a local team in Vietnam which is focused on software development and production.

Phuong and his team have successfully delivered projects to several major companies in the Mining and Power system industries since the company was founded in 2012.

Phuong is from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City in 2004. His final year project qualified for the final round of the Vietnamese national software competition (TTVN) in 2004, for which he was awarded a full-time scholarship from the National University of Singapore (NUS) to pursue a Master's degree in the Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA) at NUS. Phuong continued to work on his PhD thesis with Prof. Anthony Patera (MIT) in SMA, focusing on the Reduced Basis method that is the foundation of Akselos’ technology. He later moved to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT in 2009 and worked as a post-doctoral associate to resume work on the Reduced Basis technology.

In 2009, Phuong and two colleagues from MIT were awarded the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) prize by Springer for their work on the Reduced Basis software.

From 2010, Phuong joined forces with co-founders David Knezevic and Thomas Leurent to develop the commercialization of the Reduced Basis technology. Phuong left MIT and joined Akselos full time in March 2013, however, continues his research work as an Affiliate Researcher at MIT.

Phuong Huynh
PhD, Head of Operations & Research

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