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July 27th 2021

ScotWind will Prove Beauty is More than Skin Deep

July 23rd 2021

Wind Industry Calls on G20 to Speed Up Renewable Power Growth

July 12th 2021


July 6th 2021

Swiss crew to create TetraSpar digital twin

July 6th 2021

Akselos becomes member of Global Wind Energy Council

June 30th 2021

Akselos x WEF: achieving better outcomes with technology and systems thinking

June 29th 2021


June 24th 2021

Digital twins in oil: How futuristic tech is keeping fossil fuels alive

June 24th 2021

‘1970s tech and forecasts in the bin’: why renewables need digitalisation more than ever

June 23rd 2021

Combining data & physics can make the world’s biggest decisions easier

June 17th 2021

4 ways offshore wind industry can boost innovation and investment

June 15th 2021


May 26th 2021

Akselos Partners with BEPA, RCG on Bringing Its Digital Twin Solution to Offshore Wind Market

May 19th 2021

Akselos and BEPA to advance delivery of global wind energy technology with new partnership

April 7th 2021

Akselos welcomes Shell technology pro to senior management team

March 5th 2021

Akselos selected to present at the 2021 NREL Industry Growth Forum

February 24th 2021

Akselos selected to join Scale Up Vaud program for high-growth technology companies

February 17th 2021

The world’s 1st Digital Twin of a Pumped Hydro Station

January 29th 2021


January 27th 2021

Follow the sun: how other renewables can emulate the solar success story

January 26th 2021

Akselos signs distributor deal with Worley

December 23rd 2020

Seven things we’re celebrating as 2020 comes to a (welcome) close

December 21st 2020

Shell inks key energy transition digitalisation deal for oil & gas and wind projects

December 17th 2020

Akselos selected as a 2021 Global Cleantech 100 Company for commitment to delivering the future

December 15th 2020

Akselos and Shell sign three-year agreement

December 8th 2020


November 19th 2020

AKSELOS 2020X. All you need to know about our latest release.

November 19th 2020

This is the key to manufacturing in a post-pandemic world

October 12th 2020

Akselos and EPFL Awarded Major Innovation Grant by Swiss Government

October 8th 2020

Lamprell stepping up digital, renewable energy pursuits

October 8th 2020

Tech Will Underpin Energy Sector Risk by 2025

October 7th 2020

Akselos and EPFL awarded major innovation grant by Swiss Government

September 18th 2020

Akselos and Cosmi Group partner to bring predictive digital twins to energy and manufacturing industries in Italy

September 3rd 2020

World’s Largest Structural Digital Twin: Akselos’ successful deployment for Shell’s Bonga Main FPSO

September 2nd 2020

Shell’s Bonga FPSO gets digital twin

September 1st 2020

Akselos deploys Digital Twin of Shell’s Bonga FPSO

August 20th 2020

Will Insurers mandate digital ecosystems for energy assets by 2025?

August 13th 2020

Lamprell offers ‘digital twins’ for offshore projects

August 13th 2020

Akselos and Lamprell sign distributor deal

August 6th 2020

5 start-ups that are pioneering IoT and robotics technology

July 27th 2020

Akselos launches the third webinar in simulation lab series

June 19th 2020

A powerful new innovation curve to align with society’s goals

June 16th 2020

Akselos Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

May 22nd 2020

Akselos launches the second webinar in Simulation Lab series

May 13th 2020

Digital twins: the key to improved asset design

April 24th 2020

Offshore wind webinar in partnership with Lamprell

April 16th 2020

Akselos launches simulation lab series for FEA users

April 1st 2020

Giving turbines a second wind – how to stop early decommissioning

March 19th 2020

Giving turbines a second wind | How to stop early decommissioning

February 25th 2020

Does wind need to adopt a systems approach to compete with solar?

February 12th 2020

Akselos and Lamprell announce partnership

February 12th 2020

Akselos and Lamprell announce partnership

February 7th 2020

Under Pressure: Digital Twins

February 4th 2020

Davos 2020 – Focus on Climate Crisis at Swiss Summit

December 6th 2019

Digital twin of UAV provides predictive maintenance

November 15th 2019

How digital ‘twins’ are guiding the future of maintenance and manufacturing

November 1st 2019

What’s a Digital Guardian? Akselos launches new video to explain ground-breaking tech

October 15th 2019

Akselos to create the world’s first structural digital twin of hydroelectric power station

October 14th 2019

Akselos to create world’s first structural digital twin of hydroelectric power station

October 7th 2019

Energy of the Future: Akselos featured in an ITN Production and Oil & Gas UK program

September 26th 2019

Akselos & partners awarded $3.6M by US DOE for digital twin project of floating offshore wind farm

September 26th 2019

Akselos & partners awarded $3.6m by US DoE for digital twin project of floating offshore wind farm

September 24th 2019

Does humanity have what it takes to address the dual challenge?

July 12th 2019

Akselos to host Idea Lab on Predictive Digital Twins during Offshore Europe

June 25th 2019

Akselos Codecheck: innovating Asset Life Extension

June 17th 2019

Extending simulation technology from the design world into the operational world

June 17th 2019

Could Digital Twins remove doubt from due diligence during M&A of assets?

June 10th 2019

Akselos Partners with ABS for Digital Twin Advancements

June 10th 2019

Akselos partners with ABS for digital twin advancements

June 10th 2019

Could digital twins remove doubt from due diligence during M&A of assets?

May 20th 2019

Predictive Digital Twins in action, co-presented by Shell

May 2nd 2019

Akselos named as top innovator by clean energy accelerator Free Electron

April 29th 2019

Akselos to present in Transformational Data Analytics session at Offshore Europe

March 24th 2019

Akselos to partner with World Energy Council as Innovation Supporter

March 21st 2019

How to unlock the true potential of wind turbines

March 21st 2019

The dual challenge of climate change and energy access at CERAweek

March 14th 2019

Bringing simulation technology into operations

February 27th 2019

Akselos announces R&D project with the Oil and Gas Technology Centre

February 26th 2019

Akselos announces R&D project with the Oil and Gas Technology Centre

February 8th 2019

A view from the Oil and Gas IoT Summit in Lisbon

February 7th 2019

Tech and the climate agenda – two key themes from Davos 2019

February 1st 2019

The Innovation Space – Akselos

January 11th 2019

Akselos RB-FEA is the Digital Twin gold-standard

January 5th 2019

Life Extension through Predictive Maintenance

January 1st 2019

Akselos: “Simulation at the speed of thought”™

December 13th 2018

The Power of Discussion

November 16th 2018

EU funds project that aims to slash materials cost of wind power by up to 25%

November 12th 2018

EU backs Offshore Wind Innovation Project to slash materials cost by up to 25%

October 24th 2018

Innogy Ventures and Shell Ventures back Akselos with $10m Investment

October 16th 2018

World Energy Week 2018

September 27th 2018

Innogy ventures and Shell ventures back Akselos with $10m investment

June 22nd 2018

The new guys at Data Driven Drilling & Production

May 9th 2018

SET100 in Berlin to tackle climate change

April 27th 2018

Transition and Digital — Themes Topping CEOs’ Agendas

February 19th 2018

What Really Happens at Davos

January 23rd 2018

How Can Digital Transformation Power the Move to Zero Unplanned Downtime?

November 23rd 2017

Does the North Sea industry have the right tech ecosystem to support digital transformation?

July 22nd 2017

How important is structural integrity management in North Sea asset life extension?


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