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Digital twins of pressure vessels – making non-intrusive inspection the status quo. Co-hosted with the Oil and Gas Technology Centre

In this webinar you will hear about the results of a peer reviewed OGTC project that will allow the non-intrusive inspection of pressure vessels to become the status quo. Attendees will hear about how Structural Digital Twins were used to make a physics-based assessment of ultrasonic inspection data to understand the structural integrity of the vessel. Presenters will show how the new approach reduced an API 579 Level 3 Assessment workflow from seven days to a matter of hours, without the need to take the vessel offline or use visual inspection techniques. Through the use of emerging structural simulation technology that’s 1000 times faster than conventional software, vessels can be continually monitored to deliver better operational efficiency, including a 45% reduction in downtime and a 25% reduction in maintenance and inspection costs.

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