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Case Studies | Videos | Life Extension | Operations

Asset Life Extension through Predictive Digital Twins for Offshore Structures Co-hosted with Shell

Akselos' technology can extend the life of any large scale asset through its real-time monitoring and physics-based models. Akselos is capable of producing high-fidelity, physics-based models of large complex assets which may be connected to sensor data to regularly update the simulation model and provide the required assessments in a timely manner.
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Offshore Wind: Smart Design and Fabrication with Digital Twins co-hosted with Lamprell

In this webinar, you’ll hear about the collaboration between Lamprell and Akselos to fully optimize the end to end design process of each of the components in a wind turbine through constructible designs and structural digital twins offshore. The partners aim to achieve a reduction in CAPEX, improved future design and optimized operations through Risk Based Inspection when the turbines / foundations are operational.
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Case Studies | Videos | Life Extension | Operations

Extending the life of Ireland’s only pumped storage station with a structural digital twin, co-hosted with ESB

In this webinar you will hear about an ongoing project between ESB and technology provider Akselos, to use structural Digital Twins to determine the original design life of Turlough Hill, assess the impact of the historical operation of the plant and unlock further operational capabilities from Turlough Hill. This is done while ensuring the integrity of the asset and the safety of staff.
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Digital twins of pressure vessels – making non-intrusive inspection the status quo. Co-hosted with the Oil and Gas Technology Centre

In this webinar you will hear about the results of a peer reviewed OGTC project that will allow the non-intrusive inspection of pressure vessels to become the status quo. Attendees will hear about how Structural Digital Twins were used to make a physics-based assessment of ultrasonic inspection data to understand the structural integrity of the vessel. Presenters will show how the new approach reduced an API 579 Level 3 Assessment workflow from seven days to a matter of hours, without the need to take the vessel offline or use visual inspection techniques. Through the use of emerging structural simulation technology that’s 1000 times faster than conventional software, vessels can be continually monitored to deliver better operational efficiency, including a 45% reduction in downtime and a 25% reduction in maintenance and inspection costs.
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Case Studies | Videos | Cloud Platform | Life Extension | Parametric Components | Scale & Speed

World’s Largest Digital Twin: Akselos’ successful deployment for Shell’s Bonga Main FPSO

Our structural Digital Twin technology was applied to the Shell Bonga FPSO, becoming the largest asset in the world to be protected by a structural Digital Twin. With near real-time analysis, the physics-based model of the asset allows Shell and Akselos to monitor the overall health of the asset, reduce down time and boost efficiencies, all while enabling safe asset life extension. Watch our latest video to find out how Akselos’ RB-FEA technology is helping transform the future of the FPSO industry.
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