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Structural analysis and life extension of fixed offshore assets

Oil and gas platforms operate in demanding conditions that require a real time assessment of risk and cost to operate efficiently. Traditional approaches to structural analysis don’t support global system models at a level that accurately reflects physical models, and can’t accurately capture cumulative effects in the global structural model. Akselos offers a full-cycle approach with a predictive Digital Guardian that offers a step change in Asset Management.
Solution Briefs | Hybrid Advanced Physics | Life Extension | Operations | Parametric Components | Scale & Speed

Structural analysis and life extension for offshore floating structures

Offshore floating structures used within the oil and gas industry must withstand extreme environmental loads, and are consequently designed not only for safety, but also for long-term performance and reliability. Akselos is the only near real-time structural integrity tool providing holistic, detailed models that help you enhance durability of offshore installations with greater upfront confidence in designs and life extension decisions.
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RB-FEA based Digital Twin for structural integrity assessment of offshore structures

The speedup and level of detail achieved through the reduced basis finite element analysis (RB-FEA) technology is a key enabler for the Akselos’ digital twins. Thanks to sensor data integration it enables true condition-based modeling of large and critical assets, allowing all relevant structural details to be included in the model. The result is the ability to operate critical assets beyond their design life.
Akselos digital twin | decision support system
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Accurate fatigue failure analysis with Akselos Decision Support System

The Decision Support System is a powerful tool within the Akselos Integra platform that provides engineers with a holistic view of the model’s strength and stability, at the same time, for different loading conditions. It can be used to automate standards-based analyses by post-processing load case results using codes from class societies (e.g. Lloyd’s Register, DNV-GL, ABS, etc.). The tool then generates reports that summarize critical issues. Results are displayed on the model so users can see which specific components are over-strength or under-strength based on predefined tolerances. This is an immense timesaving tool that aids engineers in assessing the reliability of their designs and assets quickly and efficiently.
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Akselos seamless workflow for 3D joints

Move from beams to a fully-meshed 3D joints model - according to DNVGL-RP-C203. Akselos RB-FEA technology allows for more accurate hotspot stresses, less conservative fatigue results to support decisions regarding life extension.
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Akselos’ Optimal Workflow for Structural Assessment

Floating structures, such as FPSOs, tankers, and semisubmersibles, are very large and complex assets that greatly benefit from the fast, holistic, and detailed modeling provided by Akselos’s RB-FEA technology. In this report we provide documentation of the accuracy and reliability of Akselos’s solvers for floating assets.

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