Feb 25, 2018

Akselos joins forces with TechnoStar to bring Digital Guardian tech to Japan

LAUSANNE and TOKYO January 2018 — Akselos S.A has signed leading Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) company, TechnoStar, to bring its groundbreaking Digital Guardian technology to industrial companies in Japan.

The Digital Guardian is a predictive digital twin. It combines  Akselos’ engineering simulation software with sensors and big-data analytics to create a physics-based virtual replica of an asset in its current environment. The company’s tech is the fastest and most advanced of its kind.

TechnoStar provides 3D modelling, pre and post-processing tools to the automotive, shipbuilding, and electronics industry. The addition of Akselos’ simulation engine to TechnoStar’s portfolio will enable the company to build models and speed up its engineering services for much larger assets through predictive digital twins  – something that has never been achieved for large assets in heavy industry.

Thomas Leurent, Akselos’ CEO, says: “This is a really important partnership for Akselos. TechnoStar is highly regarded in the Japanese market, and CEO Masaru Tateishi’s endorsement is significant given his background in growing MSC Software’s business in Asia Pacific, and building TechnoStar into what we see today. Most importantly, our solutions are a great fit for each other and create something really powerful when combined. We’re already working with oil and gas supermajors in Europe and the USA, and look forward to working with TechnoStar to bring the technology to Japan, Korea and beyond.

The partnership has already delivered a project to a major Japanese industrial company.

Masaru Tateishi, CEO of TechnoStar said: “When we were first introduced to Akselos we were blown away by the power of the technology. We’re on the front line of the CAE industry and we had never seen anything quite like it. The speed Akselos claimed to have achieved seemed impossible to us,  but after working closely with the team and the software we realised that it was in fact a reality. Our shipbuilding customers are now much more serious about creating digital twins as a result. We are very happy to partner with Akselos to drive real innovation in the CAE world, with breakthrough technology that marks the beginning of a new era.”

Akselos Integra’s patented algorithms, licensed from MIT,  enable fully detailed models of large-scale assets to be simulated 1,000 times faster than anything else on the market. This allows the model to capture the true condition of the asset, regardless of size, to create a highly predictive digital twin.


About Akselos

Akselos is a digital technology company headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in Europe, the USA, and South East Asia. The company has created the world’s fastest and most advanced engineering simulation technology, to protect the world’s critical infrastructure today and tomorrow.The technology has the power to revolutionise how we build and manage our critical infrastructure and pushes the boundaries of what modern engineering and data analytics can achieve. Developed by some of the world’s best minds, the MIT-licensed technology builds something far beyond the capability of a conventional digital twin that allows operators to not only monitor an asset’s condition in real time but helps them to see the future.
Akselos’ is based at EPFL’s Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Innovation Park hosts technology-driven start-ups and established companies in an inspiring environment, with access to cutting-edge research and a large network of dynamic entrepreneurs. Integrated into EPFL, a leading technical university and research institute, the Innovation Park is connected to one of the world’s most exciting scientific communities.

 About Technostar

Technostar Co.,Ltd. was established by Masaru Tateishi in 2002, following his career in MSC Software Corporation as vice president of the headquarters in USA and representative director of the Japanese subsidiary. Masaru engages in the development, sales, maintenance, and training of TechnoStars general purpose CAE software. TechnoStar aims to develop high-performance, sophisticated and user-friendly CAE software by bringing together the most talented Asian minds, and to be a leading CAE company that provides high-quality solutions that contribute to the product development capabilities of our customers.

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