Akselos launches the third webinar in simulation lab series



Advanced Contact and Plasticity Analysis for Large Problems

This webinar will go live on:
7th of August 2020 at 3pm(GMT+1)

Large, three dimensional contact problems are among the most challenging problems for structural simulation systems. Converged solutions are often difficult to obtain, especially when the additional effects of friction and material plasticity are significant.

Akselos Reduced Basis Finite Element Analysis (RB-FEA) is a new approach to structural simulation which is 1000x faster than conventional techniques. Akselos contains a hybrid solution capability that may be used to greatly increase the speed and stability of contact models. These computational benefits allow contact effects to be included within models of in-service scenarios resulting in enhanced predictive capabilities.

This webinar will provide an overview of these capabilities and how they may be applied to both design and in-service applications.

What you’ll learn:

·       Akselos (RB-FEA) background

·       Benefits of the component modelling approach to accurately represent contact regions

·       Modelling friction and plasticity in Akselos

·       Application of Akselos Hybrid Solution Techniques for contact problems and resulting performance increase

·       Use of contact within Structural Digital Twins to enhance predictive capabilities

A webinar on a new topic will be run each month, please check the Akselos website regularly for updates. You can check our last SIMLAB webinar HERE.

The format of the webinar will be a 10 minutes company & technology overview followed by a 10 minute product demonstration finishing with a 10 minute Q&A session.

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