Akselos launches simulation lab series for FEA users


Akselos will next week host the first in a series of technical webinars for structural engineers and finite element users.

The monthly Simulation Labs will consist of a short technology breakdown followed by a product demonstration and Q&A session. The session aims to show the speed at which RB-FEA can calculate large, complex models without any simplification or sub-modelling. This unprecedented speed and scale allows for the creation of sensor connected, physics-based models that improve operations with real-time, condition based monitoring.

The first Simulation Lab, Continual remote monitoring of large assets with simulation, will take place on Wednesday 29 April at 1500 BST, and will allow attendees to:

  • Understand how RB-FEA differs from traditional structural simulation
  • See how holistic large scale models are constructed in the software
  • Learn how the models are connected to sensor data through the dashboard
  • Understand how decisions about structural integrity are supported with the traffic light system.

Each event in the Simulation Lab series will focus on a different industry, asset or problem. Sign up to our mailing list to receive updates about upcoming events.